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Ms. Gill (first-time 9th graders) - To be added soon

Ms. Weber (repeat 9th Graders & 10th Graders) - Request to see Ms. Weber

Ms. Hamilton (11th Graders) - To be added soon

Ms Dattilo (12th Graders) - Request to see Ms. Dattilo

Mr. Brown (ECE Services) - Request to see Mr. Brown

information from the senior counselor

Current items related to post-secondary, including applications, scholarships, test dates and preparation, financial aid, and much more. These items can be found at http://www.easterneagles.org/parents/seniorcounselorupdates.pdf.

Scheduling Change Request Form for 2017-18

Your schedule was arranged from subjects chosen by you, your parents, and your counselor. Many of the problems relative to class change requests can be best resolved by reasonable personal adjustment and hard work.

Schedules may be changed when there is a technical error, a need to make-up a previously failed class, or a need to balance courses. Course change requests to add student aiding (2.5 gpa or better) or co-op (2.0 gpa or better) for seniors may also be considered. Co-op students must take five academic classes in order to be eligible to receive the KEES scholarship award.

Class change requests for social reasons or student/teacher preference will not be allowed. Students may not drop classes without the permission of the parent/guardian and the guidance department. Any schedule change requests should be submitted in the first ten days of school.

Submission of this form does not guarantee a course change. Parents must sign the form electronically to give permission.

Click on the link next to your counselor's name to make a request.

Ms. Gill (first-time 9th graders) - Schedule Change Request

Ms. Weber (repeat 9th Graders & 10th Graders) - Schedule Change Request

Ms. Hamilton (11th Graders) - Schedule Change Request

Ms Dattilo (12th Graders) - Schedule Change Request

Mr. Brown (ECE Services) - Schedule Change Request


Ms. Gill

Mrs. Gill (AP)

Ms. Hamilton

Ms. Hamilton

Mr. Morris

Mr. Brown

Ms. Dattilo

Ms. Dattilo

Mrs. Weber

Ms. Weber